The Student Activities section of the site provides students with additional information and activities to learn from. This section consists of informative activities and interactive games and puzzles. These mainly concentrate on Florida's environment.

  • Play a Puzzle
    When you click on this you will see a puzzle pop up
    Put the picture back together

  • Play Concentration
    Try to match the hidden pieces. Click on a piece to turn it over. After two are turned over click a third time to move on.

  • Aquarium
    Biodome simulation
  • Coloring

  • Alligator (pdf)

  • Eagle (pdf)

  • Otter (pdf)

  • Owl (pdf)

  • Ecology/Environmental Science project
    Joyce Wiltshire's Lake Wales High School class

  • Plant Identification Game
    Using an Online Interactive Dichotomous Key
  • McConnville Field Walk

  • Virtual Field Walk
    done by David Richardson's students in the Lignumvitae Key Area

  • Claymation (2002)
    Mary Lawson's third grade class creates a claymation version of Oonawassee Summer
  • Claymation (2003)
    Mary Lawson's class creates a claymation version of Alice Ramsey's Trek Across America (Click Here to download a PowerPoint version)
  • Plotting our Path
    Learning GPS.

  • Student Projects
    done by Steve Fannin’s Gifted Chemistry classes on data collected and analyzed from Piney Z Lake throughout the 2001-02 school year.

  • Sawgrass Lake Field Walk
    A group of teachers from Pinellas County came to Sawgrass Lake Park and explored. Here they share their findings with you. Explore and enjoy

  • Community Atlas
    Carl Melamet's

  • A field walk
    at Fort Zachary Taylor by David Richardson and his students.

  • Take the Tour
    This activity takes you on a tour of the Lake Alfred Middle School.
  • Virtual Field Walk
    Three virtual field walks in the Tenoroc area.
  • FIPR Workshop Field Trip

  • More than Meets the Eye
    This activity allows you to explore the area around the Wakulla Camera Site and see what animals might be there and that you might see with the camera one day. (This page is different every time you visit.)
  • Books and Brochures
    made by students from the area

  • Virtual Field Walk
    done by David Richardson's students in the Windley Key Quarry Area