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List of Organisms in the Rivers and Springs Ecosystem
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Alligator snapping turtle: Macroclemys temminckii
American alligator: Alligator mississippiensis
Beaver: Castor canadensis
Belted Kingfisher: Ceryle alcyon
Blackgum: Nyssa biflora
Bladderwort: Genus Utricularia
Buttonbush: Cephalanthus occidentalis
Cattail: Typha latifolia
Cottonwood: Genus Populus
Crayfish: Order Decapoda
Dragonflies: Order Odonata
Florida manatee: Trichechus manatus latirostris
Mayflies: Order Ephemeroptera
Pickerelweed: Pontederia cordata
Red maple: Acer rubrum
River cooter: Pseudemys concinna
River Otter: Lutra canadensis
Snails: Class Gastropoda
Wild rice: Zuzania aquatica
Wood duck: Aix sponsa