Bok Tower

Mature Long Leaf Pine

Picture taken by: Eric Williams
GPS Points taken by: Marie Granados
Location: Pine Ridge Nature Preserve at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida

Elevation: 235FT
Latitude: N27.93894
Longitude: W81.57756

Scientific Name: Pinus palustris AKA Longleaf Pine

Pinus palustris meaning "of the marsh", has been locally referred to as longstraw, yellow, southern yellow, swamp, hard or heart, pitch, and Georgia pine. A long time ago this tree grew along the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains. At one time the longleaf pine forest might have covered as much as 24 million acres. The natural range of the longleaf pine is most of the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains. Then most of theis extended throughout Southeastern Virginia to eastern Texas and south through the northern two-third of peninular Florida. The species also grows in the Piedmont, and mountain provinces of Alabama and northwest Georgia.

Young Longleaf Pine

The longleaf pine grows in warm, wet temperate climates characterized by hot summer and mild winters. Annual means precipitation from 1090 to 1750 mm (43 to 69inches) the least being 1090 to 1270 mm (43 to50 inches). The longleaf pine is native to a wide variety of sites ranging from wet, poorly drained flatwoods to dry, rocky mountain ridges. Elevations ranges from barely above sea level near the beaches on the lower coastal plains to about 600m (1970 ft) in the mountains of Alabama.

Article written by: Dennis Evans


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