Bok Tower

Britton's Beargrass

Picture taken by: Eric Williams
GPS Points taken by: Marie Granados
Location: Pine Ridge Nature Preserve at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida

Elevation: 235Ft
Latitude: N27.93894
Longitude: W81.57756

Scientific Name: Agavaceae AKA Britton's Beargrass, Scrub Beargrass

Britton's Beargrass is a stiff stemmed woody plant that grows to 6ft tall. It has basal leaves which are long and straplike. Stem leaves alternate few glabrous narrow stems, 6 each attached to a petal. It's flowering time is March through June. It can be found growing in the sand pine, scrubs and dry pinelands. It makes it's home in North Florida's Marion County and Central Florida's Lake, Hernando, Orange, Polk, Osceola and Highland counties.

This plant is endemic to Florida and is federally endangered

Article written by: Ashlee Daniels

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