Bok Tower

Beauty Berry

Picture taken by: Eric Williams
GPS Points taken by: Marie Granados
Location: Pine Ridge Nature Preserve at Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales, Florida

Elevation: 242Ft
Latitude: N27.93968
Longitude: W81.57773

Scientific Name: Callicarpa America AKA Beautyberry, Beauty Bush, American Beautyberry, French Mulberry

Beautyberry is a multi-branched deciduous shrub found in wooded areas and well-drained pinelands. The shrub grows to about 2M tall. It has young stems with star-shaped hairs, that are light brown. The leaves are also covered with star-shaped hairs. This plant is called Beautyberry mainly because of its flowers and fruit. The flowers are pink and they appear in late spring and early summer.

The fruit is small and the color is magenta or rich purple. They flower in clusters. They appear in late summer and fall. Animals including birds are attracted to the fruit but bees especially like the pink flowers. The fruit thrives best in the sun but it can also live in shade. The plants scientific name is Callicarpa America. The name Callicarpa comes from the Greek meaning "bearing beautiful fruit". May this is where the name beautyberry comes from.

Article written by: Katelyn Nelson


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